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Waves of the Sea |
Venex Music – Fallen Crown

As a child of refugees from the country of Laos, Venex grew up with a faith that now informs her music. Although, it wasn’t until she was in her late 20’s that she realized life was more about helping others than just helping herself. She realized that God had given her a passion, a desire in her heart that had been with her since she was young. A passion in which she could help others but at the same time, find purpose herself.

What a gift.

Venex decided to step past her deep insecurities that tried to hold her back most of her life and step into what she knew she loved, music.

Venex’s lyrics are real, true and raw and talk mostly about the darkness of humanity and yet the hope. She finds the promise of HOPE through God and her belief that people, despite their hard hearts or circumstance can accomplish incredible acts of compassion, creativity, and love.

“Things don’t have to stay the same.” Venex said.

It’s when times are at their darkest that the Light in the world is most bright, most precious, and provides the most hope.

Waves of the Sea |
Venex Music – Fallen Crown

Venex said “after dealing with a selfish period of –why is my life so hard, I realized I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t the only person dealing with insecurity and doubt in people and sometimes myself and my faith”.

It was in that period that Venex grew compelled to help others through her passion of music.

Venex’s latest single Fallen Crown alludes to the present darkness in our world and this is exactly when we as humans tend to cry out to God more than ever, because in the darkness we are looking for Light. It seems fear can draw us near to God, looking to the Creator for answers when we can’t find them anywhere else. The inspiration behind Waves of the Sea is this exact idea of calling on God in our fear and seeing His faithfulness towards us. Psalm 107 explains how He hushed the waves of the sea and guided them, he wants us to follow Him day by day and watch for His faithfulness.

Waves of the Sea |
Venex Music – Fallen Crown

As far as Venex and her heart for injustice, she is compassionate towards those who are oppressed in 3rd world countries or teens that are bullied in middle school. As a child of refugees, she knows how difficult it was for her parents just looking for a safe place to lay their heads.  Her heart burns for those less fortunate and she wants to make a difference. And like the parable of the five loaves and two fish she knows all she can do is start with the gift God gave her, which is music.

She hopes to inspire people to be all they want to be, to move people out of the limitations that others place on them and the pain of their past. Inspiring them to step into what makes them come alive.

Waves of the Sea |
Venex Music – Fallen Crown

Venex said “I have my doubts too somedays, I wonder if what I am doing helps anyone?  I want to inspire people, but some days I am discouraged myself”

But as Venex was honest with herself and the people around her, she realized that most people have doubts in their abilities and that shouldn’t stop any of us, we need to keep stepping out, doing what God gifted us to do and knowing that even if we help one person in this world, it will all be worth it.

Please listen to Venex’s single Fallen Crown.

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This article was written by Lindsay Morgan Snyder.

Photography by Nadine Gillespie.

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