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Lacey Sturm concert photos for Waves of the Sea

If you follow the Christian Rock music scene, there is a chance you have heard about Lacey Sturm and her encounter with God that changed her life.

Coming from a place of atheism and suicide contemplation, Lacey had such a life altering experience with the living God and His undeniable power changed the course of her life, setting into motion a powerful ministry.

Lacey Sturm concert photos for Waves of the Sea

My personal experience in following the music, writings and ministry of Lacey Sturm began in 2004. As a friend popped in the EP of a band called Flyleaf and said “you have got to hear this!” I was hooked at that very moment. It was like her music spoke to my soul without me even realizing exactly why. Later I came to realize it would be a platform God was using to shape my life. It was Jesus Christ, inside of Lacey, that was calling to me through her music. It was like I was hearing my story and a way to freedom that I was unconsciously wanting more of.

Lacey Sturm concert photos for Waves of the Sea

A few weeks after my friend and I were listening to Flyleaf in the car, I noticed they were  touring with Seether, Shinedown and Halestorm and I knew had to go!

I watched Lacey and her band get up in front of hundreds people wearing all black, dark make-up, chugging beers and yelling every cuss word in the book. As Lacey took the stage, people from the audience were screaming, “you’re hot,” wanting to get her attention. Without an ounce of judgement in her eye, Lacey stood confidently in front of them and began to explain the next song called “Cassie.”

This song was about Cassie and Rachel who were killed in the Columbine shooting after they were asked if they believed in God. Lacey then said, “We, also believe in God and we would die for that,” the crowd hushed and she began to sing.

When she spoke those words, something hit me, I thought “How could someone be so bold to announce that they would die for their beliefs to a bunch of people who probably didn’t care?”


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