2/52 – January HDR

I honestly thought about not posting anything for this week. I found it difficult to find the time to shoot what I wanted, and the day I had free, it rained. I shot inside the house yesterday and played with the software and hated them all! This morning I walked around the yard and finally found some  images I liked decently.

Nadine G Photography

This may sound silly, but even after earning a Master’s degree in photography, I learned a new function of my camera that helped me with this week’s “assignment”. I learned how to use the auto bracketing timer to help prevent the camera shake during the multiple exposures. I’ve also learned more of  the HDR software and feel I have more control over the final result!

Nadine G Photography

On a side note, I’m excited for next month’s focus! 🙂 I just ordered some gear for it, and I think you all will love the final results!

Nadine G Photography

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